Lakers Escape T-Wolves 99-94. Improve to 8-0.

The Lakers did not look great last night against the Timberwolves. They looked like the Bored Lakers of a few years ago who eventually made it to the Finals but gave fans fits the whole season.

Kobe was forcing the action a little too much for my taste but finished with 33 points and six rebounds. Pau Gasol racked up another double double with 18 points and 10 rebounds.

But again, it reminded me of those days when Kobe would say, “If we’re going to win this game, I gotta  jack up  a lot of shots.” Those teams were not as fun to watch as this team has been during the last seven games.

The Lakers are finally becoming one of the those great teams. The kind of team that is deep and doesn’t have many weaknesses. Remember how the bench used to always let a lead slip away? This team is the exact opposite. But Kobe needs to realize that he doesn’t have to take over the whole game and “put his stamp” on it.

All he has to do is trust the great team he has around him and pick his spots to dominate. If he can do that, the Lakers have a great chance to ThreePeat.


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