Lakers Undefeated Since the All-Star Break!!

With the Lakers dismantling of the Clippers tonight they have won three games in a row since the All+Star break. And this is a good thing.

Since the break the Lakers have logged wins against the Hawks, the TrailBlazer and now the Clippers.

The real test is coming this Sunday when they take on the new look OKC Thunder.

The Thunder recently acquired Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson from the Boston Celtics and now seem to match up better against the Lakers.

I have many conspiracy theories as to why the Celtics would make this trade. The best one is that the Celtics wanted to make the Thunder better so they can beat the Lakers and the Celtics would face another team in the Finals.

The only problem with that theory is the trading away Perkins and Robinson does not make the Celtics better. In fact, I think it hurts them. I makes them more vulnerable to the Miami Heat and even the Orlando Magic and possibly the Chicago Bulls. I still don’t think the New York Knicks are a threat to anybody in the East even if they have Carmelo Anthony. He is not a championship-type player.

This Sunday is going to be a test for the Lakers. Everyone is talking about how much better the Thunder are now.

Even Magic Johnson Tweeted that the West is now a four team race with the Lakers, Spurs, Mavericks and now the Thunder.

So the Lakers can make a statement by beating the Thunder on Sunday.

And that statement would be: “We’re still the team to beat.”

No matter what trades have happened (and the Lakers didn’t make any) they are still the back-to-back Champions.

And that has to count for something.


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