Heat Beat Lakers – Now Going to Win it All!!

The Miami Heat handed the Los Angeles Lakers their first loss since the All-Star break. The Heat also managed to win their first game in the month of March.

As usual, most fans over reacted to this win. You would have thought that this was Game 7 of the NBA Finals the way Heat fans were reacting after the win. I suppose losing five straight games in spectacular fashion will do that to you.

While the Heat have in fact swept the regular season series with the Lakers, this win does not mean this game was a preview of the finals as Magic Johnson inexplicably stated after the game. Both teams are currently the third seed in their respective divisions but I think Miami will gave a harder time making it to the Finals.

And this was not a game where the stars played particularly well.

For the Lakers, Kobe Bryant was 8-for-21 and had a horrible stretch in the third quarter where he missed seven in a row. Lamar Odom was a dismal 4-for-11.

LeBron James was 7-for-17 and at times looked completely out of control. Dwyane Wade was a bit worse going 9-for-23. The real story was Chris Bosh going 10-for-17 and dominating in the first half.

So far I have not heard any reports of the Laker players crying in the locker room after this loss. But its still early.

However, there are reports that Kobe was out on the court, after the arena was empty, working on his jump shot. I kid you not.


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