Lakers In A “Must Win” Tonight?

The citizens of Laker Nation may be panicking right about now. After blowing a 16 point second quarter lead in Game 1 against the Dallas Mavericks, the Los Angeles Lakers find themselves facing the possibility of going down 0-2 to theMavs.

A quick look at Game 1 will tell you that the Lakers lost that game more than the Mavs won. After building a 16  point third quarter lead the Lakers turned into a team I like to call the Bored Lakers. they seemingly went to sleep and let theMavs right back in the game. And if it wasn’t for an ill-timed foul by Pau Gasol, this game may have turned out differently.

This Laker team seems to only play well when its back is against the wall. We have seen it all season. Right now they couldn’t be any closer to the wall unless they were in it.

After Game 1 it was pretty easy to tell that Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher were  pretty pissed. These two are the unquestioned leaders of this team. And when both of them are mad, you know everyone is getting yelled at. And maybe thats just what this Laker team needs.

I expect everyone to play a full 48 minutes tonight. And if they don’t they will have to deal with the Wrath of Kobe.

And nobody wants to deal with that.

Prediction: Lakers 102 Mavs 93


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