Lakers: Reloaded (Trade Rumor of the Century) !!

The NBA lockout is barely over and already one of the biggest trade rumors in recent history is making the rounds. I am of course talking about the possible trade deal that will send both Dwight Howard and Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers.

You heard me right, BOTH of them.

This would easily make the Lakers the odds on favorite to win this year’s championship.

That is of course if it actually happens.  To me it doesn’t seem feasible. I don’t think the Lakers have the players to make it happen. Even though sources are saying that every Lakers player not named Kobe is on the trading block I still don’t think they get both.

Any trade scenario would have to start with Andrew Bynum. Given his history of injury and the cheap shot he gave JJ Barera in last year’s playoffs its seems like the Lakers are ready to part way with him. But who else do you throw into the mix? Pau Gasol? If that is the case the Lakers have seriously depleted their frontcourt and left a foul-prone Howard with no help. Maybe they throw in Lamar Odom. Or Ron Arte…errrrr…Metta World Peace. Or Matt Barnes. Or Derek Fisher.

The question is, where do they stop? Do they give away the whole team to get Paul and Howard?  For the Lakers’ sake I hope they don’t do that because they then run the risk of turning into the Miami Heat. That is, superstars up front and nobody on the bench.

If the Lakers can land only one player I think they should go for Chris Paul. They have a more dire need for a solid point guard than for a big man.

While it’s great to dream about the Lakers becoming a de facto All-Star team I think it is more realistic to think that they will get the one piece they need to win another championship. And that piece is Chris Paul.


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