Is It Time To Blow Up The Lakers (2012 edition)?

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently in a state of emergency. After two embarrassing loses to the lowly Detroit Pistons and the even lowlier Washington Wizards on successive nights the Lakers look like a team that is ready to implode.

Both losses came after the Lakers blew huge leads and looked like they didn’t put forth any effort. They are looking like the Bored Lakers of old. You know, the teams that just didn’t seem to care and thought they could “flip the switch” whenever they wanted.

And now there are reports that the players want to “mutiny” against head coach Mike Brown’s offense and go back to the triangle. The problem is not with the offensive system but with the execution of that offense. When the Lakers execute Brown’s offense, that is pound the ball down low to Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, the Lakers win. Unfortunately, the Lakers can’t seem to do that for one complete game. They will do it for one half and then forget about it. The second half of both recent losses devolved into Kobe Bryant jacking up shot after shot and the rest of the team just standing around watching.

It’s sad that the players are putting up more of a fight against Brown than they are against their road opponents where they have a pathetic 6-14 record.

If this unrest and lack of effort continues then it’s time to make some major changes and start trading people. Ric Bucher has floated the idea that the Lakers should trade Kobe. While I don’t think the situation is that dire, it is time to trade for a point guard.

After the Chris Paul trade debacle earlier this year I thought the Lakers shouldn’t make any trade that involved Gasol or Bynum. I felt that they would be giving up too much for what they would receive. Now I’m not so sure. As much as I would hate to see either big man go, it may be time to make a trade. Right now any point guard is better than Derek Fisher and Steve Blake is too inconsistent to be trusted running the offense.

This season is about to be lost and Kobe is about to have another “wasted year” of his life, unless the Lakers make a trade to make the team better.

In the mean time, the players (including Kobe) need to buy into Mike Brown’s offense. That is the only chance they have if they want to contend for a title.


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