Gasol Traded?

UPDATE: Adrian Wojnarowski has reported: “Lakers front office telling people that ‘nothing is happening’ with Pau Gasol, league sorces say. For now anyway.”


The rumor mill has been in overdrive today.  It all started when Ronald Lazenby tweeted:

“It seems we’ll soon be getting news that Gasol has been traded. No details confirmed, but he’s apparently gone.”

No sooner did he hit the send button and “Pau Gasol” was trending worldwide.

Again, nothing has been confirmed but it has been no secret that the Lakers have been looking to trade Gasol. The main suitor appears to be the Houston Rockets. They have been inquiring about Gasol all season.

The only trade that makes any sense is Luis Scola and Kyle Lowry for Gasol. It addresses the Lakers dire need for a point guard and Scola will be a serviceable replacement for Pau.

There are rumors that the Rockets don’t want to part with Lowry, though. If the Lakers can’t get Lowry I say this is a no deal. And to make things more complicated, Lowry was hospitalized today for “fever and abdominal distress.” Rockets are listing him as day to day.

So if the Lakers do get Lowry, will he be able to play?

Stay tuned to see how all this plays out.


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