Will Lamar Odom Reunite With Lakers?

Over the last week it has been reported that former Laker, Lamar Odom wants to come back to Los Angeles.

And apparently the feeling is mutual. Head Coach Mike Brown and Kobe Bryant have both expressed interest in Odom’s return. All is well in Laker Land.

Well. Maybe not.

There are only two ways for Odom to get back into the Purple and Gold.

1. The Dallas Mavericks have to trade him to the Lakers. Odom is still under contract with the Mavs. So they have a decision to make. They can trade him or buy out his contract and make him a free agent.

2. Odom becomes a free agent and then waits until December 11th. That’s right, he will have to sit out part of the season. Under the new collective bargaining agreement, a player cannot return to a team he was traded from for one full year. It seems very doubtful that Lamar would sit out. But you never know. He’s a different breed of cat.

So, really, the only scenario for Lamar Odom to return to the Lakers would be via a trade. And would the Mavs, and Mark Cuban, be willing to make that trade? Doubtful.

So there is a way for Odom to come back home to the Lakers but it will be a strange and winding one. Luckily, Lamar is used to those type of trips.


12 thoughts on “Will Lamar Odom Reunite With Lakers?

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  2. Lamar work very well with Kobe, He knows how to find Kobe and they have a great chemistry. Kobe on the other hand is the only Player that know Lamar’s game to the tee. I will suggest the Laker nation find a way to make it work. He will be a great asset to Kobe and our chances of getting back to Championship Caliber

  3. I agree 100%. Bring Odom back to L.A. Lakers. He is a versatile player who can run the floor, handle the ball like a guard, a lefty, can play good defense and can rebound. Talking with other Lakers fans they want him back.

  4. I have to agree. For the first time I have seen how Odom was truely missed as a Laker. We probably would still be in the play-offs or at least made it further if he was still with us. I’m not an Odom fan, never have been but I can honestly say he was missed. Now if we can get him to stop acting like a whipped Kardashian he would be alright with me.

  5. The Lakers definitely need Odom. The team has not performed as well without him. Hopefully Cuban won’t be a DH.

    • How is Cuban a DH if he doesn’t want to give a player who basically tanked the season after trading for him, a trade back home? Odom has been the only DH the whole time in this scenario.

  6. Yeah we need him back, and I think he really wants to come back, and I think he’d play his a.. off for the Lakers.. I hope Cuban won’t be a jerk, and if Odem wants to play for the Lakers, won’t screw it up for him.

  7. Why do you commenters talk about how you hope Cuban doesn’t screw it up, all the while Odom clearly screwed the Mavs this year by not being a professional. Cuban doesn’t owe Odom anything, Odom owes the Mavs and don’t forget that the Lakers are the ones that TRADED Odom in the first place, he shouldn’t be trying to crawl back somewhere that thought he was so dispensable.

    • Riiiiight, I was just thinking that same thing….. Sorry lakers fans think the sun just rise and set on them.

  8. Lamar belongs with the Lakers!! He was not given the chance to prove his skills with the Mavs. ONE A LAKER, ALWAYS A LAKER!!!!

  9. Thats right,send him back to LA. His wife and family have put there collective feet down.Their show needs him……..NOT THE LA LAKERS

  10. As a Laker fan I would love to have Odom back… However, Cuban would have to be an idiot to trade him back to the Lakers and give them another weapon along with the new addition of Nash! #LakerNation

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