Is Derek Fisher The New Robert Horry?

Derek Fisher is on the verge of winning his sixth NBA championship. For those keeping count, that would be one more than Kobe Bryant.

During last night’s game when the OKC Thunder were about to eliminate the San Antonio Spurs the announcers started referring to Fisher as “the New Robert Horry,” meaning that he makes big shots and collects rings.

To be fair, I think Fisher contributes more during the regular season than Horry did. There were years when I didn’t even realize that Horry was still playing until the playoffs started. But somehow Horry is a seven-time NBA champion with 7,715 career points. I’ll let that sit in for a second.

While Horry may have been the definition of “Role Player,” Fisher certainly is not. He and Kobe were the unquestioned leaders of the Lakers who won back-to-back titles. And he brings that same leadership to the Thunder.

Plenty of people were saying that the Thunder were too young and immature to win a title but Fisher has done a lot to change that. And give credit to the Thunder players. They have been humble enough to listen to Fisher and accept his leadership role.

So, Derek Fisher, will probably get another ring but he certainly deserves it.

Lakers fans will be in a confusing situation. Will the root for a Lakers Legend to win a ring with a rival team? If he wins another ring (and I think he will) I, for one, will be happy for him. And I think Kobe will be, too.


2 thoughts on “Is Derek Fisher The New Robert Horry?

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  2. I’m a Lakers fan but could not help but root for Derrick Fisher. I have been a fan of his for the last 10 years and my loyalty hasn’t disappeared. I hope he gets another ring!

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