Pau Going Back To The Grizzlies?

It’s pretty well known that The Los Angeles Lakers want to trade Pau Gasol. Every week there is a new trade rumor regarding the two-time champion. And this week is nothing new. The newest (and most interesting) rumor is the Lakers sending Gasol back to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Having Pau team up with his brother, Marc would be pretty interesting. They teamed up on the Spanish Olympic team back in 2008 and gave the US team a good challenge in the gold medal game.

But who would the Lakers get back in return? Rumors are that it could be Zach Randolph. That would be the best case scenario for Los Angeles. Randolph is the polar opposite of Gasol. No one will ever accuse him of not being aggressive enough or passing up open shots.

It would be great to see Z-Bo in the Purple and Gold but I’m not sure Memphis will be willing to let him go. Even for Pau.

What seems more feasible is the Lakers getting Rudy Gay. He would give the Lakers an outside shooter that they desperately need.

And there is always some combination of OJ Mayo, Tony Allen and Mike Conley.  Admittedly, that’s not as interesting as Zach Randolph but it’s a start. The Lakers need to make a move and Pau Gasol still has high trade value.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens.


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