Will Kobe’s Knee Sink The Lakers’ ThreePeat?

Kobe Bryant is injured.

That may not be breaking news because he has fought through so many injuries in the last few years. But this one seems different.

Anybody who has watched even one Laker game this year can see that Kobe is not the same as he once was. Specifically, he can’t elevate like he did. When you watch him you can tell he is not quite right.

His knee is still bothering him. In an interview with The New York Post he discussed the state of his knee. Kobe admitted that there is “very little cartilage under my right kneecap.” Kobe went on to say, “It’s almost bone on bone.”

This is not good news for any Laker fan. So far Kobe has undergone three operations on his knee. Everybody knows that once you keep chopping the same body part over and over it is never the same. This brings up the main questions; How many more seasons can Kobe Bryant play and still be effective?

We all know that Kobe will play through any amount of pain. That has been proven. There is not a more fierce competitor in the league right now. Kobe is a warrior and will give it everything he’s got.

The real question is; When will his injury become detrimental to the team? And has it already happened?

Kobe still views himself as the heart and soul of the team. “I feel it’s up to me to take the team to where we want to go and still believe we will go,” he told The Post. “No question about that. I’m not about to make claims I’ll have to back off on later on. I’m a clear thinker. I truly believe we have the pieces and personalities to three-peat.

I believe they have the pieces for a three-peat as well. I just wonder if those pieces can pick up the slack if Kobe has to shut it down for a few games or even a few weeks.

And brings up an even bigger question; Can the Lakers survive without Bryant?