Michael Beasley Traded To Lakers?

As the NBA trade deadline gets closer the trade rumors are coming in fast and furious. One rumor that seems to be coming true is a three team trade that would send Steve Blake to the Portland trailblazers, Michael Beasley to the Lakers and Jamal Crawford to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

This trade has been reported as a done deal but it was also reported that the Lakers had signed Rasheed Wallace a few weeks ago.

While Beasley will be a welcomed addition to the Lakers bench, the departure of Blake leaves the point guard position in an even weaker state. The Lakers get yet another forward but lose one of the only serviceable point guards they have. This leaves the offense in the hands of Derek Fisher and Andrew Goudelock. Which is not the best situation.

The only way this trade makes sense is if the Lakers front office has another trade in the works. A trade for a point guard like Ramon Sessions. It’s been speculated that the Lakers would use the trade exception they got for Lamar Odom to go after Sessions.

Michael Beasley will help the Lakers, no doubt. But they still need to address their most glaring weakness, which is the point guard position. Trading away their number two point guard does not do that.

This trade, if it goes through, will certainly determine that rest of the Lakers’ season. Let’s just hope that it has a positive effect.