It’s Time To Start Ramon Sessions!

I know it’s only been two games since Ramon Sessions has been with the Lakers but it’s time to put him in the starting lineup. Two games is an incredibly small sample size, but with this lockout-shortened season there is no time to waste.

The Lakers got rid of Derek Fisher because Sessions was coming to LA. There was no way they could justify starting Fisher when a younger, better point guard was sitting on the bench. A five-time champion gets pushed out the door but the Lakers are not willing to bench Steve Blake?

Sessions is, literally, running circles around Steve Blake. Lakers Fans haven’t seen a point guard with that kind of speed for over a decade.

I was at the game against the Utah Jazz Sunday and I must say watching Ramon Sessions run the floor is a sight to behold. It is said that he needs time to learn Mike Brown’s offense and that is why he needs to come off the bench. I don’t think that’s true. Without “knowing the offense,” Sessions has outplayed Blake in his two games as a Laker.

I’m sure he can pick up the offense in due time. And even if he doesn’t, he’s still playing better than Steve Blake. There is no reason that Sessions should not be starting. Blake has scored a grand total of zero points in the last two games. Sessions has 17 points in the same time frame. He outscored the starting point guard 17-0 running an offense that he supposedly doesn’t know. Can you imagine how good he’s going to be when the “gets it”?

I have defended Mike Brown this whole season when others were calling for his firing. However, on this issue I have to disagree with Coach Brown.  Ramon Sessions needs to start.

The Lakers may not ever get back to the Showtime era, but with Session running the point, they could get pretty close.


Michael Beasley Traded To Lakers?

As the NBA trade deadline gets closer the trade rumors are coming in fast and furious. One rumor that seems to be coming true is a three team trade that would send Steve Blake to the Portland trailblazers, Michael Beasley to the Lakers and Jamal Crawford to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

This trade has been reported as a done deal but it was also reported that the Lakers had signed Rasheed Wallace a few weeks ago.

While Beasley will be a welcomed addition to the Lakers bench, the departure of Blake leaves the point guard position in an even weaker state. The Lakers get yet another forward but lose one of the only serviceable point guards they have. This leaves the offense in the hands of Derek Fisher and Andrew Goudelock. Which is not the best situation.

The only way this trade makes sense is if the Lakers front office has another trade in the works. A trade for a point guard like Ramon Sessions. It’s been speculated that the Lakers would use the trade exception they got for Lamar Odom to go after Sessions.

Michael Beasley will help the Lakers, no doubt. But they still need to address their most glaring weakness, which is the point guard position. Trading away their number two point guard does not do that.

This trade, if it goes through, will certainly determine that rest of the Lakers’ season. Let’s just hope that it has a positive effect.

Trade Rumor: Felton for Blake

Finally, there is a trade rumor that I can get behind. New rumor is that the Lakers are looking to trade Steve Blake to the Portland Trail blazers for Raymond Felton. This is not the blockbuster trade that everyone has been waiting for but it’s a good one.

This trade makes so much sense. It addresses the number one problem are for the Lakers; the point guard. Felton is a definite upgrade to Blake and can run Mike Brown’s offense much better.

This trade also does something even bigger. It keeps Pau Gasol in a Lakers uniform. Every other trade rumor out there involves Gasol. Any lineup without Gasol makes the Lakers worse.

Blake hasn’t done much for the Lakers this season and could go back to Portland and, presumably, be a calming presence for the team. Felton has been sulking up in Portland and the Lakers are hoping he can snap out of it and contribute to the team.

The salaries don’t match up so the Lakers will have to add someone to the deal.  Lakers Fans may get what they have been asking for all these years if Luke Walton gets added to the deal.

This is the one trade where both teams get better. As we head towards the trade deadline there will be rumors coming out almost every hour. Most of them will make no sense. This one does.