Pau Gasol To The Bulls??

Another off-season, another round of Lakers trade rumors. This time its Pau Gasol getting traded to the Chicago Bulls.

Of course its just a rumor but the Lakers are looking to trade Gasol. In fact, they have already trade him this season. Only David Stern un-traded him.

This most recent trade rumor doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for the Lakers. This first scenario involves Pau for Carlos Boozer. I don’t see the Lakers willing to take on Boozer’s huge contract when they are trying to lighten their payroll. Plus, Pau is a much better player than Boozer. The drop in talent will be too great.

The next scenario involves Luol Deng and Rip Hamilton in exchange for Pau. I like Den but the inclusion of Hamilton sours the deal for me. The Lakers need to get younger and with Hamilton, they get older.

I don’t see a trade with the Bulls happening because it doesn’t benefit the Lakers enough. The Bulls would be much better off and in a real position to challenge the Heat for Eastern Conference supremacy with Gasol in the lineup.

Its going to be difficult for the Lakers to trade Gasol because he is so talented. They will be hard pressed to find a player (or players) of equal talent.

One thing is for sure, this will certainly be an interesting summer.


Brandon Jennings To The Lakers?

It’s a new day and that means a new Lakers Trade Rumor is out. This time it’s Brandon Jennings. The good folks over at reported that Branding Jennings is available. Nowhere in the article did it say that the Milwaukee Bucks are talking to the Lakers. But that hasn’t stopped everyone from speculating as to what the Lakers would give up for Jennings.

I have heard Pau Gasol would be traded for Jennings, Andrew Bogut and Stephan Jackson. And have also read the Lakers should Trade Andrew Bynum for the same package.

Both trade scenarios are ridiculous. If the Lakers turned down a deal that would send Gasol to the Celtics for Rajon Rondo, why in the hell would they accept Jennings? And trading Andrew Bynum for anyone, even Dwight Howard, doesn’t make sense.

I honestly think the Lakers will not trade away Gasol. There is no trade that makes sense. The Lakers would not get fair value in return.

And anyone suggesting that the Lakers trade Bynum is just trying to make the Lakers worse and is not to be trusted.

After the Chris Paul trade blew up and it became clear that Dwight Howard was not coming to LA, I said the Lakers team, as currently constructed, was going to be the team they would have at the end of the season.

Take a good look at the roster, because this is the team the Lakers will contend for a tile with this season. For good or for bad. The blockbuster trade is not happening. Superman is coming to save the day.