Andrew Bynum: The Ego Has Landed!

Why, Andrew? Why do you do this to me? Why do you make me look bad? I have been a huge fan of Andrew Bynum since he first signed with the Lakers. I defended him when Kobe wanted to “ship his ass out.” I was in his corner through every injury-shortened season. When everyone wanted to trade him I was the one saying he is going to be an All-Star and soon to be best center in the game.

But all that is now in jeopardy after his antics last night against the Golden State Warriors. Coach Mike Brown benched Bynum after he took a very ill-advised three pointer in the first few minutes of the fourth quarter. That’s right; the dominating, 7-foot center was taking three pointers instead of posting up on the block and throwing down dunks.

To make matters worse, when Andrew came back in he played a few listless, uninspired minutes and found himself back on the bench. This time for good.

While on the bench he mugged for the cameras and refused to get up to join team huddles. He was the only one.  When asked why he did this he replied, “He (Brown) took me out of the game. So I just sat where he put me.” Its smart-ass answers like that that make you look stupid and lose fan support.

I think Andrew has been feeling himself a little too much lately. It’s like the success he has experienced this season has gone straight to his head. He is beginning to think he can do whatever he wants and it’s going to be all good.

I would like to think that the benching would have straightened Andrew out, made him see the error of his ways. However, after listening to his presser after that game all I saw was a petulant little child who is only looking forward to the next time he can shoot another three.

Andrew Bynum needs to understand that Lakers fans have endured quite a few seasons of his underachievement but have still stuck by him. Now that he has finally lived up to his potential he needs to understand that he is not bigger than the team.